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The effects of substance abuse on individuals and families have real emotional, cognitive, cultural, professional, financial and spiritual consequences.

Crown students can meet the critical demand for substance abuse counselors with our accredited online degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. In addition to general counseling classes, which are taught from a Christian perspective, this major includes the courses and internship hours needed for students to meet Minnesota State licensing standards. Our Christian-centered counseling program addresses how to recognize and respond to addiction, how to support and help those in need, and the role that faith plays in recovery.


  • Understand the complexity and multifaceted nature of the helping relationship.

  • Create documentation following the professional standards of the field.

  • Integrate a Christian perspective in counseling and psychotherapy.

  • Cultivate ongoing professional development skills.

  • Maintain personal, spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness of the counselor.

  • Recognize diversity and embrace a cross-cultural approach to counseling.

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